Harry Ward – Green Party

Harry Ward – Green Party


Harry Ward – Green Party

Working with the Municipal and Provincial levels of Government and local organizations/clubs/groups through volunteerism and earning leadership skills from 20 years of entrepreneurship has given Harry Ward a unique understanding of the wants, needs and visions of his community.

At 33, Harry was married, had a son, lived in Lewis Lake, and felt the time was right to take a chance and start his own business. From the coupling of his education in high-end furniture making, architecture design and drawing experience, many years of managing people, organizing projects and understanding people’s needs, wants, and expectations, and the willingness to work hard, sprang forth Harry’s small incorporated business – HPI- Homework Projects Inc. Specializing in historic design and renovations, HPI has been serving Halifax for over 20 years, with all advertising being word-of-mouth (which means satisfied customers). From foster care to a successful business owner – Harry Ward doesn’t give up, is a hard worker, problem-solver and has many, many life experiences.

Harry has also donated thousands and thousands of hours of service to his community, starting his long career of volunteerism at the tender age of 16 as a junior firefighter.

Harry has worked on countless fund raising events through the fire department, was an active leader in the Scouts Canada Program for half a decade, a qualified competitive swimming judge, a member of the St Margaret’s Bay Lions Club and is involved in a 20-year study called Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging.

Harry gives his time and energy to many organizations in his community, has been awarded the HRM volunteer of the year award in 2014, and a community volunteer award from the Province in August 2016. He currently serves on four boards with the following organizations: Alexandra Children’s Centre, Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust, Estabrooks Community Hall, Bay Treasure Chest Association

Harry has set his sights on becoming the MLA for electoral district of Chester-St. Margaret’s in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. Volunteering in the community for 1000s of hours, he has talked with literally 1000s of people from the community and this has given Harry insight into the issues people are facing, what they want for their community, what works and what doesn’t.

Harry is not a career politician, he is a regular guy living and volunteering in a community he loves and HIS voice is YOUR voice. It takes courage to put your name forth in a contest like this, but Harry knows that he would do a great job representing Chester-St.Margaret’s and make his community proud. He has clear visions and solutions to offer.

Harry Ward asks you for your vote on On May 30, 2017. Please contact him if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

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