Iain Rankin-Liberal on 88.7 CoveFM

Iain Rankin-Liberal on 88.7 CoveFM

Iain Rankin was first elected in October 2013, and named Caucus Chair in 2015. He is the Vice Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, and Chair of the Assemblée Parliamentaire de la Francophonie.

Before entering politics Iain worked as a project manager, and director of operations in commercial development. He served on the Board of many non-profit organizations in Timberlea-Prospect, including Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust and the Resource Opportunities Centre.

Since becoming an MLA, Iain has focused on building active, more inclusive communities, by improving the conditions of the trails, roads, and schools throughout Timberlea-Prospect. He believes in a collaborative approach, working with all levels of government and stakeholders to help deliver results.

Iain is a proud business graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University, and he also holds a Master of Arts in International Politics, and a Golf Club Management Diploma. He grew up in Timberlea and currently resides there with his partner Mary and their two dogs, Rocco and Weston.

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