Jamboree on the air in Nova Scotia – 2021

Learning Morse Code

The local 1st Five Islands Lake Cub, Scout, and Venture groups teamed up with local amateur radio operators from the Halifax Amateur Radio Club to conduct JOTA/JOTI 2021 from the Tantallon Public Library.

The 1st Five Islands Lake Cub, Scout, and Venture groups getting ready for JOTA.

Scout Canada youth and their leaders gathered at the library to participate in the world’s most extensive radio and internet event, Jota/Joti, which stands for Jamboree on the air/ Jamboree over the internet.

This is an annual event held during the third weekend in October. More than two million Scouts worldwide team up with amateur radio operators to establish contact with Scouts and Girl Guides from 171 countries creating new friendships, exchanging ideas, and sharing their hobbies.

Almost every child is online, from social media, phone apps, and online games in this day and age. These avenues of information and communication are at the fingertips of youth, and they may not know they need to be cautious. This event allows our leaders to educate youth on safe online practice, based on the “world safe from harm policy” from the World Organization of the Scouting Movement. JOTI is an excellent opportunity to take a moment to understand the importance of Internet safety and take time to talk to the youth in our programs about it.

The event was a massive success with youth talking and learning with Scouts worldwide and in countries like Senegal, Africa, that they didn’t know existed.

Originally published in 2021 The Masthead Newspaper.