Scoutings and Girl Guides’ largest event in the world coming to Tantallon in 2021

Scoutings and Girl Guides’ largest event in the world, Jamboree on the air (JOTA), starts this Friday and runs all weekend long. JOTA uses amateur radio to link Scouts and hams worldwide, around the nation, and in our community. With support from the Halifax Amateur Radio Club and Radio Amateurs of Canada, Scouts Canada has been able to have a long history of cooperation to provide youth and their leaders with an innovative way of learning by introducing them to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio.

Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) can be safely accessed through the Scout-operated Internet chat rooms such as ScoutLink and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, Skype, webpages, blogs and even Minecraft.

Join us for the Scouts Canada Jambour on the Air and Jambour on the Internet at the Tantallon Public Library. On Sunday, October 17th, from 2-5 pm. All are welcome to attend, and you encourage to bring your laptop or digital device. @jota.joti.wosm #jotajoti2021

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