The Heart of Timberlea as a Sign of Support and Solidarity.

Heart of Timberlea

After a month of struggling through unprecedented events that have left a nation in mourning, these times have also brought out the best in many people. Normally, communities would come together to grieve all the lives recently lost, but it just isn’t possible. In response, the creative spirit of our neighbourhood has blossomed with special memorials to let each other know we are all in this together.

What started as a simple idea by T Jay Mulyk and Kelly Marshall, to place a broken heart sign at the end of their driveway, was more complicated to bring to life. Not only was the size a challenge, but also figuring out how to mend the broken heart. Kelly says it was Sylvia Power who suggested using fabric instead of painted stitches, and thus the Nova Scotian tartan was used to mend the split down the centre of the heart. In the true spirit of community, the heart came together with neighbours helping neighbours.

Since the sign was erected, people from all around the community have stopped for pictures, and many have adorned the heart with plants and flowers. The simple gesture has become the Heart of Timberlea and a solemn sign of support and solidarity.