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5 Ways to Support Your Local Healthcare System

If you’re struggling to find a family doctor in this province, keep trying. It may be frustrating but having a primary care physician can greatly benefit your health in the long run. By seeing a family doctor on a regular basis, you can proactively manage any potential health issues before they become emergencies. It’s important…

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Venture Scout Recognized at Awards Ceremony

This past November, Thomas Smith, President of the Five Island Venture Company, successfullycompleted his Duke of Edinburgh award bronze level and was recognized at a special ceremony andpresented his Duke of Edinburgh Award.There are three levels to the award: Bronze, Silver and Gold, with each level getting progressively morechallenging to complete. Each level is made…

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Exercise Hand Shake

With every passing storm, volunteers in Nova Scotia monitor and prepare for the worst so that our communities are kept safe. It started with a weather warning shared on the talk groups, social media sites, and email. This lets the volunteers know that an activation may be happening in the coming days and get ready…

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Camping in a Snowstorm

While on Christmas break, area youth finished the adventurous journey section of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.  Since 1963, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program has been active in Nova Scotia. The program is designed to encourage all young Canadians between the ages of 14 and 24 to set their own goals and…

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Update on the BLT Rec. Centre

The BLT Rec. Centre Community Consultation Committee continues to work with the Halifax Facility Design and Construction to make sure that the rec-centre in our community is built with our community’s interests and activities in mind. This fall, we asked our residents to fill out a short survey to help us plan the outside of…

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Who is Ashley Cheeseman

On a sunny Thursday in 1978, Local MLA Grant Brown unveiled the plaque in the presence of the Lakeside Fire Department, Royal Canadian Legion #156 and the Cheeseman Family. Stories were shared and the community reflected on the loss of one of their own. Who is Ashley Cheeseman? I ask this question as I stand…