Update on the BLT Rec. Centre

The BLT Rec. Centre Community Consultation Committee continues to work with the Halifax Facility Design and Construction to make sure that the rec-centre in our community is built with our community’s interests and activities in mind. This fall, we asked our residents to fill out a short survey to help us plan the outside of the rec-centre space and park areas.

The response was overwhelming, with over 777 people clicking on the survey link to share their views and help us shape the outside area of the BLT Community Centre. Most of the interest came from residents of Timberlea at 65%, and over 5% of people filling out the survey lived outside of the BLT area and as far away as Boutiliers Point. The residents identified in the survey had a 55% household of 3-4 people living with them, and almost 70% of people profiled were in the ages 60-79 years of age.

We asked residents what outdoor features they wanted and felt were important in the survey. It was evident that the community wished for a splash pad, green space for family and community activities. They want to ensure there is support for the basketball courts, ground hockey, and youth skateboard areas. Also, many mentioned an outdoor gazebo or pavilion for music, outdoor classes and summer events.

Even though many of the residents currently don’t use the current rec-centre, over 90% figure they would start using the centre once it is built and the new amities are added to the community.

The next step for the BLT Rec. Centre Community Consultation Committee is to present the findings to the Halifax planning team. We are offering suggestions and ideas shared within the survey. We get closer to building the centre that fits our community and its unique characteristics with each step.