Hard Work brings back the Sheldrake Lake Wharf

Many people told me that Sheldrake Lake was once a popular fishing spot, and people would travel from around the province to fish the lake for salmon. Even in the historical record, the French prisoners of war complained of how badly they were being treated because of all the salmon they had to endure while in prison in the Five Bridges Watershed area.
When the park was built by the early homeowners association of Sheldrake Lake, water access was an essential feature for the local community. Sadly, the fish stopped coming upstream, and the wharf fell into disrepair and was finally removed due to safety concerns.
This summer, the community of Sheldrake Lake will get their wharf back thanks to the hard work of Sarah Salomon and Brenna Frasier of the Sheldrake Lake Homeowners Association. Who spend the last year working with Deputy Mayor Pam Lovelace, our District 13 Councillor. The wharf will be rebuilt with funding from the District Capital Funds provided to the councillor to support local initiatives like this community project.
Eagle Beach Contractors, a marine construction company specializing in wharf and floating dock construction, has been tasked to rebuild the Sheldrake Lake wharf. The structure will consist of an aluminum post dock with a composite decking that will last more than 50 years. The wharf will have bumpers for boats and nylon cleats to tie them up, a step ladder to get in and out of the lake, a concrete pad that will be flush and gorgeous natural wood railings on both sides. With any luck, area residents will be able to enjoy their water access once again before the first fireworks go off for Canada Day.